Turnusy rehabilitacyjno-narciarskie

A individual and multi-aspect approach to each patient is our bottom line. In order to prepare the best alternative forms of therapy we need a thorough preparation procedure. That is why we begin our skiing instruction with an analysis of the patients capabilities and a plan of achievable objectives. Only then we are in a position to prepare an individualized syllabus.

Our skiing therapy sessions take place at “Górka Szczęśliwicka” in fixed periods / cycles.
Training sessions take place over 10 to 14 consecutive days.

We kindly invite all children above the age of 3 with a physical disability but able to move around by themselves .

We have already conducted such skiing therapy over three winter seasons.

The next one starts in December.

Our research has clearly shown that adequately adapted and conducted skiing activities with handicapped persons provide an alternative therapeutic setting which can bring about:

  • normalizing muscle tone
  • postural / upright balance
  • improving coordination and balance
  • improving the verticality of the body
  • increasing the freedom of movement
  • strengthening specific muscle parts
  • acquiring new potentialities and new patterns of activity
  • hardening body and soul
  • breaking social barriers and stereotypes
  • generating social integration and broad smiles of satisfaction on the faces of our children

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